Films by Strand


Stjohn Milgrew, Damian Golfinopoulos

Spoken word artist Dominic Hoey aka Tourettes reflects on his losing battle with a degenerative bone disease. Screening with Heal the Living.


Jack Barrowman

A young man gets a reality check when his grandmother suddenly falls ill. Screening with A Date for Mad Mary.

The Coffin Club

Briar March

A musical documentary about the celebration of life and death. Screening with Hotel Salvation.

East Meets East

Julie Zhu

A Chinese grandmother finds kinship on her bus trip to the Asian supermarket. Screening with Abacus: Small Enough to Jail.

For the Light

Steven Chow

A man reflects as the New Year is celebrated outside. Screening with Marjorie Prime.


Simon Ogston

Musician Christoph el Truento explores a natural soundscape. Screening with Bill Direen: A Memory of Others.

Grey William

Sandy Augusto Burton

A quirky tour guide can’t let the past go. Screening with Ethel & Ernest.


Ena Sendijarevic

A family of Bosnian refugees try to make sense of their new home in a quaint Dutch village. Screening with The Future Perfect.


Craig Gainsborough, Luke Thornborough

The lives of June and her pet dog Lucas change forever. Screening with Kedi.

We All Need Love

Brendan Donovan

A solo mum working as a cam girl makes an unwanted connection. Screening with Kiki, Love to Love.