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Happy Everyday: Park Life in China

Peter O'Donoghue

Sydney-based New Zealander Peter O’Donoghue shot, directed and edited this ambivalent, entertaining picture of senior calisthenics and other recreational activity in the leafy public parks of Shanghai and Beijing.

Ilo Ilo

Ba ma bu zai jia

Anthony Chen

Winner of the Camera d’Or for Best First Feature at Cannes this year, Anthony Chen’s finely observed family drama pivots on the relationship between a wilful small Singaporean Chinese boy and his Filipina nanny


Evan Jackson Leong

This close-up encounter with NBA star Jeremy Lin was in the works long before he exploded onto the scene in February 2012. “Not just a stirring sports drama but also a classic immigrant-family success story.” — Hollywood Reporter

Three Sisters

San zimei

Wang Bing

In a Chinese mountain village a family of remarkable sisters aged ten, six and four, sustain themselves with minimal adult support in this remarkable doco. “A work of sustained observation and exquisite empathy.” — Cinema Scope

A Touch of Sin

Tian zhu ding

Jia Zhang-ke

Chinese director Jia Zhang-ke’s shocking new film draws on spectacular true-crime stories. The oblique observer of how societal change impacts individual lives (Still Life, The World) now confronts contemporary violence head-on.

The Weather War


Lars Bergström, Mats Bigert

Who is entitled to modified weather? Taking their special machine-sculpture, the 'Tornado Diverter’ to the US tornado belt, Swedish artist provocateurs Bigert & Bergström explore humanity’s attempts to control the weather.