Screened as part of NZIFF 2013

The Weather War 2012


Directed by Lars Bergström, Mats Bigert

Who is entitled to modified weather? Taking their special machine-sculpture, the 'Tornado Diverter’ to the US tornado belt, Swedish artist provocateurs Bigert & Bergström explore humanity’s attempts to control the weather.

Sweden In English, Italian, Mandarin, Russian and Swedish with English subtitles
58 minutes HDCAM

Directors, Screenplay


Antonio Russo Merenda


Lars Siltberg


Kristofer Nordin

Costume designer

Nina Sandström


Thomas Huhn


Carl Michael von Hausswolff
Jean-Louis Huhta
Edvard Graham Lewis

Who is entitled to modified weather? Swedish artist provocateurs Bigert & Bergström (The Last Supper) like to toy with technological innovation as an expression of the human obsession with control. The Weather War is their documentary/art film about man’s attempts to control the weather. The duo travel to the US tornado belt with their special machine-sculpture, the ‘Tornado Diverter’. The goal: to stop a tornado. Along the way, we see historical examples of how the science of meteorology developed in symbiosis with military goals and how these visions evolved into modern ideas of geo-engineering. In a larger perspective, the film features the problems faced worldwide due to global climate change. How do we behave to meet those challenges? Do we adapt? Or do we wage war against increasingly aggressive weather phenomena? Already Bangladesh is building protective walls against coming floods. China and Laos shoot rockets into threatening clouds. And in Italy, anti-hail cannons are fired to protect the year’s wine harvest.