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A Brighter Summer Day

Guling jie shaonian sha ren shijian

Edward Yang

Edward Yang's magnum opus is one of the greatest films of cinema's first hundred years, a sprawling, intimate coming-of-age drama set amidst gang warfare in 60s Taipei.

A Confucian Confusion

Duli Shidai

Edward Yang

A densely-plotted satire on the culture of business and the business of culture in modern Taiwan, involving chic businesswomen, pretentious authors and their scurrying functionaries

Flight of the Red Balloon

Le Voyage du ballon rouge

Hou Hsiao-hsien

Taiwanese master Hou Hsiao-hsien delivers a richly layered picture of life in Paris starring Juliette Binoche. "A movie of genius." — Village Voice



Edward Yang

In Yang's ferocious satire a young French girl adrift in Taipei descends into a twilight world of petty criminals, con-men, kidnappers and killers.

Taipei Story

Qingmei Zhuma

Edward Yang

A young urban couple, caught between the old and new Taiwans, inexorably drift apart. "A masterpiece... the moods it conjures up are potent and indelible." — Chicago Reader

The Terroriser

Kongbu Fenzi

Edward Yang

One of the greatest films of the 80s, Edward Yang's chilling existential thriller charts the havoc wreaked on a handful of lives by a prank phone call.

That Day, on the Beach

Haitan de yitian

Edward Yang

Edward Yang's epic about the position of women in contemporary Taiwan heralded a new wave in Taiwanese film. Starring Sylvia Chang.

Yi Yi

A One and a Two

Edward Yang