Films by Country


Animation Now! 2008

Cut-outs, paint-on-glass, puppetry, watercolour on tile, scratch films and hand-drawn work all feature in this year's selection of the best animated shorts from around the world.

My Winnipeg

Guy Maddin

Guy Maddin's portrait of his native city is intensely idiosyncratic and hilariously unreliable. " Dazzlingly imagnative, flagrantly absurd and yet clearly very heartfelt." — Sight and Sound


Rob Stewart

Ecowarrior Rob Stewart's spectacular film takes us swimming with the sharks, while uncovering the multi billion-dollar shark-fin trade that puts them and the world's eco-systems at risk.

Up the Yangtze

Yung Chang

Beyond the tourist views of life on the soon-to-be-flooded Yangtze River. "An astonishing documentary of culture clash and the erasure of history amid China's economic miracle." — NY Times