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Hong Kong

Ashes of Time Redux

Dung che sai duk

Leslie Cheung, Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung and a who's-who of Hong Kong cinema in a ravishing restored version of Wong Kar-wai's desert swordsman classic, freshly unveiled at Cannes this year.

Blind Mountain

Mang shan

Li Yang

This searing suspense drama of a young woman tricked into slavery in a country village is a severely critical portrait of China now.


Cheunggong 7 hou

Stephen Chow

"This utterly beguiling foray into family comedy from Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer) may be the tribute to E.T. the gleefully childlike filmmaker has had up his sleeve forever." — LA Weekly


Man jeuk

Johnnie To

A seductive tale of a gang pf hyper-stylish pickpockets and the femme fatale who takes them on, from Hong Kong's genre-twisting Johnnie To (Election, Exiled). Starring Simon Yam, Kelly Lin.


Wu yong

Jia Zhang-ke

The great Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhang-ke (The World, Still Life) presents an impressionistic, exquisitely shot documentary on China's (and, by implication, the world's) garment industry.