Films by Country


Animation for Kids 2008

Animated short films from around the world to spark the imaginations of our youngest audience. This year's selection is best suited to children aged 5-7.


Vratné lahve

Jan Sverák

The writer/star of Kolya wrote and stars in this expertly gag-laden comedy about the hyperactive retirement of a charming old rogue. "Exceptionally funny and touching." — The Globe and Mail


Natasha Arthy

Real-life kung fu champ Semra Turan stars as Aicha, the feisty daughter of traditional Turkish immigrants determined to be a contender.

Jar City


Baltasar Kormákur

CSI:Reykjavik! Richly atmospheric police thriller from Iceland. "Fans of the genre will thank the film for an infusion of ice-cold new blood." — Time Out NY

Mechanical Love

Phie Ambo-Nielsen

Compelling, disquieting and droll doco explores the development in Japan and comsumption worldwide of therapeutic robots: can robots offer a substitute for human affection?

Shadow of the Holy Book

Pyhän kirjan varjo

Arto Halonen

International corporate support for the bizarre and appalling regime that controls Turkmenistan is the subject of this indecently entertaining exposé, made in Michael Mooreish style.