Films by Strand


Jack Barrowman

A young man gets a reality check when his grandmother suddenly falls ill. Screening with A Date for Mad Mary.

For the Light

Steven Chow

A man reflects as the New Year is celebrated outside. Screening with Marjorie Prime.

Grey William

Sandy Augusto Burton

A quirky tour guide can’t let the past go. Screening with Ethel & Ernest.


Ena Sendijarevic

A family of Bosnian refugees try to make sense of their new home in a quaint Dutch village. Screening with The Future Perfect.


Craig Gainsborough, Luke Thornborough

The lives of June and her pet dog Lucas change forever. Screening with Kedi.


Jared Flitcroft, Jack O’Donnell

A deaf Māori boy feels isolated from his family but draws strength from performing the haka.

We All Need Love

Brendan Donovan

A solo mum working as a cam girl makes an unwanted connection. Screening with Kiki, Love to Love.