Screened as part of NZIFF 2017

The Teacher 2016


Directed by Jan Hřebejk World

When accused of bartering her students’ grades for goods and services provided by their parents, a schoolteacher mounts a devious defence in this blackly funny dramedy set in the communist era.

Czech Republic / Slovakia In Slovak with English subtitles
102 minutes DCP




Tibor Búza
Zuzana Mistríková
Ľubica Orechovská
Ondřej Zima
Jan Prušinovský
Kateřiny Ondřejkové


Petr Jarchovský


Martin Žiaran


Vladimír Barák

Production designer

Juraj Fábry

Costume designer

Katarína Štrbová Bieliková


Michal Novinski


Zuzana Mauréry (Marie Drazděchová)
Csongor Kassai (Marek Kučera)
Peter Bebjak (Václav Littmann)
Martin Havelka (Jaroslav Binder)
Ondřej Malý (pensioner Řehák)
Éva Bandor (Hana Binderová)
Zuzana Konečná (Iveta Kučerová)
Richard Labuda (Karol Littmann)
Oliver Oswald (Filip Binder)
Tamara Fischer (Danka Kučerová)
Ina Gogálová (school head teacher)
Monika Čertezni (deputy Chvalovská)


Karlovy Vary
Busan 2016

The NZIFF Extra Days session on Thursday 17 August will be preceded by the short film Tama.

A communist-era schoolroom is a microcosm of outrageous political favouritism in this highly enjoyable return to form from Czech director Jan Hřebejk (Divided We Fall). The setting is Bratislava in 1983, drolly evoked in an array of wacky wallpapers and goofy sweaters, where a parent–teacher meeting is hearing the case against the eponymous Comrade Drazděchová. Under her watch some of the brightest pupils have been receiving the poorest grades. Their aggrieved parents claim that she aids and abets other pupils in direct proportion to the goods and services she receives from their parents: a free haircut here, free electrical repairs there. Even more intimate favours have been suggested. What can the parents of the successful students say in response to such slanders? Their faked rectitude is astutely caricatured in a nimbly scripted, increasingly tense battle of wits.

While the accusers fret and stew, their hapless children suffer the consequences, and we root against the odds for the bully’s comeuppance. In the title role Zuzana Mauréry is a sneaky, deplorable wonder, a richly realised screen villain surpassed in 2017 only by her real-world equivalents.

Screening With This Feature

Tama 2017


Ashleigh Flynn


Jared Flicroft
Jack O’Donnell
David Hansen
Aotearoa New Zealand In English and New Zealand Sign Language with English subtitles
9 minutes

A deaf Māori boy feels isolated from his family but draws strength from performing the haka. Having reminders of what is important is a necessity. Forgetting what’s important may cost you your life. — CF