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7 Years

7 ans

Jean-Pascal Hattu

Jean-Pascal Hattu's debut unravels the emotional complexities of a romantic entanglement between an inmate, his wife and a prison guard.

Animation for Kids 2007

Art, fun, folly, fairytales and folkstories: A fine collection of outstanding animation, tested by our most demanding audience, aged between four and seven.

Animation Now 2007

Drawn from a record 2,200 submissions, this diverse selection of 15 short animations from France, South Africa, Taiwan and beyond showcases an incredible swirl of styles, techniques and genres.


Abderrahmane Sissako

In director Abderrahmane Sissako's fierce and unforgettable piece of political art, the African nation puts economic globalisation on trial in a hot, dusty courtyard in Mali's capital Bamako.

Belle toujours

Manoel de Oliveira

Eccentric sequel to Luis Buñuel's shocking Belle de jour reunites Henri (Michel Piccoli) and Séverine (Bulle Ogier) after 39 years. Directed by Portuguese master Manoel de Oliveira.

The Boss of It All

Direktøren for det hele

Lars von Trier

An unruly farce set in an office, Lars von Trier's latest provocation skewers ethics, capitalism and his own filming methods (camera and sound are operated randomly by a computer).



Nuri Bilge Ceylan

In three episodes, Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Uzak, Clouds of May) subverts the expectations of romantic comedy to follow a feckless architect's troubled relationship with his much younger girlfriend.

Conversations with My Gardener

Dialogue avec mon jardinier

Jean Becker

Daniel Auteuil and Jean-Pierre Darroussin (Red Lights) play an artist and his gardener in this charming Gallic take on the male mid-life crisis. Adapted from artist Henri Cueco's memoir.

The Digital Space 2007

Surreal, awe-inspiring, innovative missives from the world of digital animation, selected to showcase the detail, depth of field and full resonant sound that only a cinema can deliver.

A Few Days in September

Quelques jours en septembre

Santiago Amigorena

In this electrifying espionage thriller set in a paranoid post-Cold War Europe, a French Secret Service agent (Juliette Binoche) tracks her missing father (Nick Nolte), who is a former colleague turned spy.

Gardens in Autumn

Jardins en Automne

Otar Iosseliani

Esteemed Georgian director Otar Iosseliani (Farewell Terra Firma) applies his surrealist approach to the story of a government minister turned hobo on the streets of Paris.

Golden Door


Emanuele Crialese

Visually astounding Italian epic following a turn-of-the-century family across the ocean to the New World. "Unveils the dark side of America's immigrant history." — indieWIRE

Half Moon


Bahman Ghobadi

Bahman Ghobadi's (A Time for Drunken Horses) beautiful new film sees an ailing father lead his sons to Iraq to celebrate the fall of Saddam Hussein. Gritty, poetic and alive with rousing Kurdish music.

Hand Painted Under Camera

This selection of beautiful animations have all been painstakingly hand-painted upon thousands of pieces of glass, hardboard or card to create the 24 frames you need for every single second of film.

I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone

Hei yan quan

Tsai Ming-liang

Ravishing, elegiac dream of a film from Tsai Ming-liang (Goodbye Dragon Inn, The Wayward Cloud), featuring parallel narratives and starring Lee Kang-sheng as a brutally beaten hobo and a man in a coma.

Inland Empire

David Lynch

David Lynch's latest surreal work disturbs a dysfunctional thriller with erotic anarchy as he hurtles towards a shocking, confronting and utterly uncompromising close. Riveting, hypnotic, dreamlike.

Lady Chatterley

Pascale Ferran

Inspired director Pascale Ferran returns to the screen with this magnificent and moving exploration of love and desire, which scooped five prizes at the prestigious French César awards.

La vie en rose

La Môme

Olivier Dahan

The talent and extraordinary spirit of French chanteuse Edith Piaf is celebrated in this monumental biopic which covers the entirety of her tragic life from 1920s rural France to 1960s New York.

My Best Friend

Mon meilleur ami

Patrice Leconte

Patrice Leconte (Monsieur Hire) takes a witty look at the meaning of friendship in this French romp about mid-life crisis and borderline personality dysfunction. Stars Daniel Auteuil.

The Night of the Sunflowers

La noche de los girasoles

Jorge Sánchez-Cabezudo

Dark, gripping, multi-narrative thriller set in rural Spain. "Exciting picture of a crime and how its ripples beget other acts of turpitude and create new victims." — The Observer

Paranoid Park

Gus Van Sant

With this intimate character study of an angel-faced skateboarder (and accidental killer), Gus Van Sant returns with one of the most moving and delicately felt films of his fascinating career.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Tom Tykwer

Faithful, opulent and visceral adaptation of Patrick Süskind's bestselling tale of an obsessive parfumier on a murderous quest in 18th-century France. Directed by Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run).


Hors de prix

Pierre Salvadori

In this irreverent revision of Breakfast at Tiffany's, a cunning gold-digger (Audrey Tautou) meets her match in an opportunistic waiter who poses as a handsome millionaire to win her love.

Private Property

Nue propriété

Joachim Lafosse

Yannick and Jérémie Renier (The Child) play two adult brothers locked in an unhealthy relationship with their mother (Isabelle Huppert), who fatefully embarks on a new romance.


Denis Connolly, Anne Cleary

Situated somewhere between home movie, doco and experimental film, this three-part narrative deals with murder, nature and children in Paris' colourful and multi-ethnic 18th arrondissement.

Suely in the Sky

O Céu de Suely

Karim Aïnouz

Karim Aïnouz follows his dynamic debut Madame Satã with the subtle, sensitive story of a young mother just trying to get by when she returns to her small home town from bustling São Paulo.

Syndromes and a Century

Apichatpong Weerasethakul

A lady doctor interviews an army doctor in the jungle. Playful, funny and touching study in time and transformation from leading Thai experimental filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Blissfully Yours, Tropical Malady).


György Pálfi

György Pálfi (Hukkle) clocks in with a ghastly, audacious assault on the senses, involving a male genetic disorder that results in more body dysfunction than Cronenberg's entire oeuvre.



David Moreau, Xavier Palud

A couple living on a Romanian country estate are terrorised by intruders for one long, extremely horrifying night. Unrelenting DV-lensed jugular-grabber that will frighten the bejeebers out of you.


Serge Elissalde, Grégoire Solotareff

An orphaned princess with impossibly long, luxurious ears befriends a unicorn and finds romance with a musical cat in this witty French animated film (with subtitles) for tweens and their parents.

The Witnesses

Les témoins

André Téchiné

A charismatic young man pays a devastating price for the social and sexual freedoms of the 1980s in this rich, entertaining French drama directed by André Téchiné (The Wild Reeds, I Don't Kiss).