Films by Country


Animation for Kids 2007

Art, fun, folly, fairytales and folkstories: A fine collection of outstanding animation, tested by our most demanding audience, aged between four and seven.

Animation Now 2007

Drawn from a record 2,200 submissions, this diverse selection of 15 short animations from France, South Africa, Taiwan and beyond showcases an incredible swirl of styles, techniques and genres.

Black Book


Paul Verhoeven

Paul Verhoeven's brash, provocative tale of a sexy Jewish singer who seduces the head of the Dutch Gestapo is also a bold, wilfully irreverent and morally complex film about the Holocaust.


Lucy Walker

When the first blind man to climb Mt Everest, Erik Weihenmayer, challenges six blind Tibetan school children to climb its 23,000-ft neighbour, Lhakpa Ri, failure is not an option.

Build a Ship, Sail to Sadness

Laurin Federlein

Solitary oddball Vincent mopeds through the Scottish highlands with a dream of healing the community's loneliness with a mobile disco. A film about the joy of music and a yearning for the ecstasy of art.


Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijn's visually arresting biopic of Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis casts an insightful, poignant and very human light on a British rock legend. As Curtis, relative newcomer Sam Riley is uncanny.

Crossing the Line

Daniel Gordon

Fascinating documentary story of Private James Dresnok, who deserted the US army in 1962 to build a life in communist North Korea, where he raised a family and became a propaganda film star.

Death at a Funeral

Frank Oz

Frank Oz (The Stepford Wives) changes direction with a riotous British comedy about a man (Matthew Macfadyen) who returns home for his father's funeral, only to face a madhouse.

Death of a President

Gabriel Range

Causing a furore in the US, this doco poses important questions about terrorism and the Bush administration, using the fictional scenario of George W. Bush's assassination in October 2007.

Deep Water

Jerry Rothwell, Louise Osmond

Jaw-dropping story of Donald Crowhurst, the "Sunday sailor" who set off in 1968, in an unfinished vessel, on a race to circumnavigate the globe.


Marina Abramović, Matthew Barney, Marco Brambilla, Larry Clark, Gaspar Noé, Richard Prince, Sam Taylor-Wood

Seven well-known artists, including Matthew Barney (The Cremaster Cycle), Larry Clark and Sam Taylor-Wood, were told to go forth and make pornography: the result is this cerebral, challenging series of short films.

The Digital Space 2007

Surreal, awe-inspiring, innovative missives from the world of digital animation, selected to showcase the detail, depth of field and full resonant sound that only a cinema can deliver.

The Great Happiness Space

Tale of an Osaka Love Thief

Jake Clennell

Riveting doco focuses on symbiotic (and often delusional) relationships between boy-toy hosts and adoring, champagne-swilling female clients in Osaka's most popular host bar.

Hand Painted Under Camera

This selection of beautiful animations have all been painstakingly hand-painted upon thousands of pieces of glass, hardboard or card to create the 24 frames you need for every single second of film.


Gary Hustwit

Is the ubiquitous Helvetica typeface a modernist masterpiece or the McDonald's of graphic design? As designers take sides, the philosophy, politics and recent history of design is laid bare.

Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten

Julien Temple

Director Julien Temple's (The Filth and the Fury) visually exciting, high-octane rock 'n' roll history of 1970s punk sensation The Clash and its charismatic frontman and singer Joe Strummer.

La vie en rose

La Môme

Olivier Dahan

The talent and extraordinary spirit of French chanteuse Edith Piaf is celebrated in this monumental biopic which covers the entirety of her tragic life from 1920s rural France to 1960s New York.

Love Story

Mike Kerry, Chris Hall

A frank yet celebratory behind-the-music documentary on cult American psychedelic rock group Love.

A Mighty Heart

Michael Winterbottom

Angelina Jolie stars as the impassioned heroine at the centre of Michael Winterbottom's urgent docudrama retelling of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl's abduction by Islamic militants.

Perfect Creature

Glenn Standring

Local director Glenn Standring's second feature is a sci-fi horror set in a retro-futuristic New Zealand where humans coexist with a race of intellectual vampires called The Brotherhood.

Red Road

Andrea Arnold

Set in a notorious Glasgow housing estate monitored by surveillance cameras, this bristling, darkly erotic thriller about a woman hell-bent on retribution won the Jury Prize at Cannes.


Christopher Smith

Brit director Christopher Smith follows Creep with this horror-comedy about a group of office workers on a team building exercise in Hungary who are hunted by unidentified backwoods maniacs.


Roger Michell

"Spellbinding" is the consensus on 74-year-old Peter O'Toole's performance as an actor who traverses the landscape of love with a teenage beauty. Funny, randy script by Hanif Kureishi (The Mother).

We Are Together

Thina simunye

Paul Taylor

Remarkable, moving documentary following a choir of mostly AIDS orphans from the Agape Orphanage in South Africa on their determined quest to sing in London. Spirited and uplifting.