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Hong Kong


Jia Zhang-ke

Great Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhang-ke's documentary companion piece to his latest feature, Still Life (also in Festival), captures the life and monumental canvases of artist Liu Xiao-dong.


Johnnie To

Hong Kong action king Johnnie To directs an exhilaratingly heroic bloodshed throwback that reunites the gang from To's previous smash The Mission for a bullet-ridden rumble in Macau.

Eye in the Sky

Gun chong

Yau Nai-hoi

Former Johnny To writer Yau Nai-hoi makes an astonishing directorial debut with this slick, fast and often furious Hong Kong crime caper centring on a high-tech special surveillance unit.

Still Life

Sanxia haoren

Jia Zhang-ke

Focusing on the Three Gorges Dam, China's most exciting young director, Jia Zhang-ke (Platform, The World), delivers yet another sublime meditation on the country's ceaseless progress.