Films by Country


Animation for Kids 2007

Art, fun, folly, fairytales and folkstories: A fine collection of outstanding animation, tested by our most demanding audience, aged between four and seven.

Black Book


Paul Verhoeven

Paul Verhoeven's brash, provocative tale of a sexy Jewish singer who seduces the head of the Dutch Gestapo is also a bold, wilfully irreverent and morally complex film about the Holocaust.

Lady Chatterley

Pascale Ferran

Inspired director Pascale Ferran returns to the screen with this magnificent and moving exploration of love and desire, which scooped five prizes at the prestigious French César awards.

Private Property

Nue propriété

Joachim Lafosse

Yannick and Jérémie Renier (The Child) play two adult brothers locked in an unhealthy relationship with their mother (Isabelle Huppert), who fatefully embarks on a new romance.


Nanouk Leopold

An austere Dutch drama, punctuated by black comedy, which dissects emotional denial and dysfunctional family dynamics in the wake of a grandfather's announcement that he is going to end his life.