Films by Country

The Netherlands

Animation Now 2005

Our popular yearly programme of the year’s best animate shorts is one of the strongest collections in a long time, celebrating the sheer diversity of the animated art form. Including the Oscar winning Ryan.

A Labyrinth of Time

Frank Scheffer

Fascinating, elegant documentary portrait of American composer Elliott Carter whose career straddles the better part of the last century.

Mana - Beyond Belief

Roger Manley

From the Shroud of Turin to Graceland, this superbly filmed world tour of venerated objects is like Koyannisqatsi without the bombast, exuding instead a gentle, inquisitive wit.

Paradise Now


Hany Abu-Assad

The two young Palestinian suicide bombers at the centre of this provocatively adrenalised film are hardly the fundamentalist zealots of legend. Paradise Now wracks up the suspense, compounding their moral panic with our own terror of impending detonation.

Shape of the Moon

Leonard Retel Helmrich

Key forces at work in contemporary Indonesian society become palpable through the experiences of one small family group in this prize-winning documentary.

World Mirror Cinema

Welt Spiegel Kino

Gustav Deutsch

In a marvellous mix of found footage, we’re invited to speculate about the lives and imaginations of passers-by in old documentary footage of street scenes from Vienna, Surabaya and Porto.