Films by Language


Occupation: Dreamland

Garrett Scott, Ian Olds

Embedded with the US Army in Falluja, this intimate portrait of young soldiers in the occupying force is a potent antidote to the recruitment ads.

Paradise Now


Hany Abu-Assad

The two young Palestinian suicide bombers at the centre of this provocatively adrenalised film are hardly the fundamentalist zealots of legend. Paradise Now wracks up the suspense, compounding their moral panic with our own terror of impending detonation.



Simone Bitton

Arab-Jewish filmmaker Simone Bitton surveys the impact on both sides of the wall designed to divide Arab West Bank territories from Jewish communities.

The Zoo

Hayden Campbell

One-man documentary team, New Zealander Hayden Campbell shows us the daily scramble of life in the West Bank town of Qalqiliya through the eyes of Palestine’s one and only zookeeper.