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Alter Egos

Laurence Green

Disturbingly riveting account of the true stories behind 2005 Oscar-winning animated short Ryan. Rest assured, this is no ‘Making Of’ blurb piece.

Animation Now 2005

Our popular yearly programme of the year’s best animate shorts is one of the strongest collections in a long time, celebrating the sheer diversity of the animated art form. Including the Oscar winning Ryan.

Grizzly Man

Werner Herzog

Self-taught naturalist, Timothy Treadwell, who spent 12 summers living in the wilds of Alaska, obsessively filming the activities of grizzly bears, is the subject of Werner Herzog’s “brilliant portrait of adventure, activism, obsession and potential madness.” — Variety

It's All Gone Pete Tong

Michael Dowse

In this send-up-cum-celebration of rave scene excess, English comedian Paul Kaye pulls out all the stops as a deranged Cockney exile who mixes his way to club-scene stardom in the über-trendy Spanish resort of Ibiza.

Land of the Dead

George A. Romero

George Romero, the individual most responsible for the world's enduring affection for the undead has returned to claim his title as King of Horror. We’re stoked to be presenting the premiere of his long-awaited futuristic zombie epic on the big screen.

The Take

Avi Lewis

Filmmaker Avi Lewis introduces his documentary (co-authored with Naomi Klein) following the efforts of laid-off Argentinian workers to occupy and restart factories abandoned after the 2001 economic collapse.