Screened as part of NZIFF 2005

The Take 2004

Directed by Avi Lewis

Filmmaker Avi Lewis introduces his documentary (co-authored with Naomi Klein) following the efforts of laid-off Argentinian workers to occupy and restart factories abandoned after the 2001 economic collapse.

Canada In English and Spanish with English subtitles
87 minutes 35mm



Naomi Klein


Mark Ellam


Ricardo Acosta


David Wall


Avi Lewis
Naomi Klein


Venice 2004


“Argentina, whose economic collapse in 2001 pushed half its citizens below the poverty line, served as a potent omen of where the world might be headed under globalization. Now, as shown in Avi Lewis’ engrossing documentary, citizens of that beleaguered country may well be at the vanguard of a new economic activism that wrestles corporate control away from governments and multinationals and gives it to workers. The camera follows Lewis and No Logo author and activist Naomi Klein (who penned the voice-over narration) as they evolve from simply pointing out the evils of globalization to coming up with viable alternatives. Their trek leads them to an abandoned factory in Argentina, where workers who’ve been unemployed for three years take inspiration from the slogan ‘Occupy – resist – produce’ when they seize the deserted business and start it up again… As the collective works to achieve its goal, The Take gives a crash course in the role of the IMF in hijacking governments and businesses around the world.” — Ernest Hardy, LA Weekly