Screened as part of NZIFF 2005

Alter Egos 2004

Directed by Laurence Green

Disturbingly riveting account of the true stories behind 2005 Oscar-winning animated short Ryan. Rest assured, this is no ‘Making Of’ blurb piece.

Canada In English
52 minutes Beta-SP

Director, Screenplay


Jay Ferguson


Susan Martin


Adam Warner
Dan Turcotte
Jeremy Edwardes


Ryan Larkin
Chris Landreth


Vancouver 2004; Sydney, Melbourne 2005


Alter Egos provides a disturbingly riveting account of the stories behind this year’s Oscar-winning animated short, Ryan. Ryan Larkin was a rising star of Canadian animation in the late 60s who dropped out and now begs on the streets of Montreal. Chris Landreth’s ‘animated documentary’ Ryan tells the story of Larkin’s disintegration and evokes his mental disarray through digital distortion of his face. Alter Egos discusses the careers of the animator and his ex-animator subject, incorporating interviews with both. Questioning the degree of exploitation entailed in Landreth’s project, it culminates in Larkin’s first encounter with Ryan.  

“Unsettling and moving… yielding vital questions about the divisions between art and life, the functionally sane and the mentally ill, and jerks and geniuses.” — Jason Anderson, Eye Weekly