Festival Programme

Films by Strand

Square Eyes

This collection is curated especially for the youngest cinephiles in the whānau, along with young-at-heart audiences across the motu.

See Alê Abreu’s exquisite painterly pacifist and ecological fable, Perlimps light up the big screen and meet Marcel – an adorable tiny talking shell with his very own tender-hearted mockumentary.

Featuring diverse filmmaker styles and unpacking an array of themes, including perseverance, discovery, collaboration and acceptance, our animated short film collection is sure to spark little imaginations.

Curated by Nic Marshall of Square Eyes Film Foundation, ardent promoters of international cinema for our youngest audiences and their movie-going companions.

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Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

Dean Fleischer-Camp

Meet Marcel, a tiny talking shell, on a big-hearted big-screen stop-motion adventure, as tender and funny as it is insightful and poignant.


Alê Abreu

Two secret agents from enemy Kingdoms are sent to a world on the brink of a terrible war where they have one important mission: to find the Perlimps, mysterious creatures who can ultimately bring peace.