Festival Programme

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Incredibly Strange

For more than a quarter of a century, Ant Timpson – founder of the notorious ‘Incredibly Strange Film Festival’ – has annually curated a programme of cinema provocations from all corners of the globe.

These dangerously demented, violently funny and sometimes just wholly WTF curated cine-creepers will burrow into your sub-conscious for a lifetime of messed-up memories.

Family Dinner

Peter Hengl

Executive produced by Incredibly Strange’s very own Ant Timpson, this twisty Austrian shocker begins as a tension-filled Haneke-esque family drama before delivering full-blown folk horror delight.

Incredible but True

Incroyable mais vrai

Quentin Dupieux

Middle-aged house hunters get more than they bargained for in Quentin Dupieux’s delightfully screwball French comedy brimming with his usual penchant for deadpan wackiness and offbeat situations.



Carlota Pereda

A bullied overweight teen witnesses her tormentors get abducted by a mysterious stranger in Carlos Pereda’s blistering slasher which delivers sharp social commentary and bloody mayhem in equal measure.

Andrew Semans

Andrew Semans’ deliciously unhinged thriller stars Rebecca Hall as a single mom with a dark secret that threatens to overwhelm her cosy corporate lifestyle.

Smoking Causes Coughing

Fumer fait tousser

Quentin Dupieux

An extra dose of Gallic weirdness courtesy of Quentin Dupieux; a superhero flick-turned-shaggy dog story as the brave avengers Tobacco Force go on a camping retreat to strengthen their team cohesion.

Speak No Evil


Christian Tafdrup

A weekend getaway becomes a holiday from hell for a Danish family in this mercilessly unnerving horror flick from Danish director Christian Tafdrup.