The Skellingtons of Wellington
The Skellingtons of Wellington
Running Lights
Running Lights

Animation for Kids 8+ 

For All Ages

We again alternate big themes and existential musings with essential hilarity, showcasing 12 terrific short films from all corners of our big wide world. Certain to stimulate and charm both sharp young minds and indie animation-loving grown-ups. — NM

Jul 21

The Civic Theatre

Jul 28

Hollywood Avondale

Aug 04

Rialto Cinemas Newmarket

70 minutes
some scenes may disturb

1 mètre/heure 2018


9 minutes

At an airport, on the wing of an aeroplane, a troupe of snails perform a magnificent choreographed dance.

Scrambled 2017

6 minutes

When Esra misses her train, a discarded classic cube tries to get her attention.

LINK 2017


7 minutes

Two characters are intrinsically linked as they influence each other with every move they make.

Listen Papa! 2019

13 minutes

A letter from a boy to his father shares all that had once been kept unspoken.

Best Laid Plans 2017


1 minute

Follow the ups and downs of a Rube Goldberg contraption.

Vivat Musketeers! 2017


5 minutes

The world is about to perish, everything seems hopeless. But then a real hero steps forward – a brave musketeer without fear!

Do Not Touch! 2017


1 minute

One room. One button. And one sign that clearly says, ‘do not touch’. What to do?

A Good Heart 2018


5 minutes

The life of a prehistoric family is upset, little by little, by the arrival of numerous uninvited friends.

The Skellingtons of Wellington 2019


3 minutes

The Skellingtons ride – but if you look closely there is nobody there.

Workout 2018


2 minutes

A successful gym session is all about maintaining excellent rhythm.

Running Lights 2017

Finland / India / Lithuania
11 minutes

A magical transfer of glowing energy and life is set in motion when one creature departs its earthly form.