Films by Country


13 (Tzameti)

Gela Babluani

A Soviet roofer is drawn to play a deadly French game. “This diabolical thriller, filmed in inky black and white, is as cold and sharp as razor blades stored in a subzero freezer.” — NY Times


José Alcala

Terse, character driven drama set in the quiet mountains of Ardèche, in France, where a staunchly independent woman tries to connect with her wary, mistrustful teenage son.

Animation for Kids 2006

Art, fun, folly, fairytales, folkstories and more feature in this collection of animation for ages four to seven.

Animation Now 2006

Diversity is the word this year in our annual collage of animated gems – films that dare you to reach out and run your hands over the textures of paint and pencil.

The Army of Shadows

L'Armée des ombres

Jean-Pierre Melville

Classic insider’s account of the French Resistance and one of the all-time great suspense movies (1969). “Tough, adrenaline-charged, utterly uncompromising.” — The Nation

The Aura

El Aura

Fabián Bielinsky

Argentine director Fabian Bielinsky’s follow up to Nine Queens is a spellbinding, character driven heist film set in the magnificent mountain wilderness of Patagonia.

Battle in Heaven

Batalla en el cielo

Carlos Reygadas

Carlos Reygadas’ spectacularly grandiose follow-up to the startling Japón turns the struggle for the soul of its protagonist into an epic art-porn critique on the role of religion in Mexican life.

Beyond Hatred

Au-delà de la haine

Olivier Meyrou

French documentary offers a cerebral, reasoned, humanistic reflection on retribution centred on the family of a young man who was murdered in 2002 by three skinheads.

The Digital Space 2006

This year’s Digital Space programme stretches its wings to take a broader view than ever of the continually evolving world of digital animation.

The Forsaken Land

Sulanga enu pinisa

Vimukthi Jayasundara

The scarred tropical paradise of Sri Lanka conceals purgatory in this haunting, pressingly sensual picture of life in the backwaters of a long war. Best First Film, Cannes Film Festival 2005.


Sophie Fillières

The always watchable Emmanuele Devos stars in this quietly crazy love story about a woman in her 30s, panicked by her boyfriend’s persistent proposals of marriage.

Graduate First

Passe ton bac d'abord

Maurice Pialat

Avoiding the clichés of the teen film, Maurice Pialat directs a minutely observed, uncommonly honest profile of disaffected French youth in a northern provincial city.

Heading South

Vers le sud

Laurent Cantet

Laurent Cantet (Time Out, Human Resources) sets his third film in a beach resort in late 70s Haiti, where middle-aged North American women go to be sexually pampered by young black men.

How Much Do You Love Me?

Combien tu m'aimes?

Bertrand Blier

A downtrodden office worker scopes out the most formidably gorgeous prostitute (Monica Bellucci, no less), tells her he's won the lottery and invites her home to spend his money. French sex comedy at its most outrageous.

The King and the Mockingbird

Le Roi et l'oiseau

Paul Grimault

Perfect for children and challenging to adults, the great Miyazaki has cited this 1980 French animation and its warped world of fairytale characters as a major influence.

Kirikou and the Sorceress

Kirikou et la sorcière

Michel Ocelot

Michel Ocelot's splendid animated feature from 1998 tells a sensual, guilt-free fairy tale – a West African fable about the power of original innocence.

Kirikou and the Wild Beasts

Kirikou et les bêtes sauvages

Michel Ocelot

He's tiny, he's black, he's naked and he's back! Kirikou, the razor-sharp little boy who moves as fast as the Road Runner, is the problem-solving lynchpin to four new stories. Animation.



Danis Tanovic

Bosnian Danis Tanovic (No Man’s Land) directs a formidable array of French talent in this tale of three Parisian sisters whose lives have been determined by the devastating antagonism between their parents.

Le Garçu

Maurice Pialat

Maurice Pialat’s last film (1995) is a family drama featuring a dazzling performance from his own four-year-old son, with Gérard Depardieu unforgettable as the jealous, philandering father.


Maurice Pialat

Maurice Pialat’s unsettling tale of erotic obsession led US critic Andrew Sarris to proclaim leads Isabelle Huppert and Gérard Depardieu "the sexiest couple in the history of cinema.” (1980)


Abel Ferrara

Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant) takes on Mel Gibson style showbiz religiosity, starring Matthew Modine as a man who directs a movie in which he plays Christ, with Juliette Binoche as Mary Magdalene.

Mouth Agape

La gueule ouverte

Maurice Pialat

Maurice Pialat’s truthful, oddly funny and moving take on what could have been an uninviting theme: a middle-age woman dying of cancer and how this affects her husband and son. (1974)

Naked Childhood

L'enfance nue

Maurice Pialat

Maurice Pialat's first feature is a delicate study of a ten-year-old boy and his decline into delinquency when boarded out with foster parents. (1968)

One Day in People's Poland

Jeden dzien w prl

Maciej J. Drygas

Director Maciej J. Drygas charts a day in the life of Cold War era Poland.

The Passenger

Professione: reporter

Michelangelo Antonioni

Restored version of Antonioni’s brilliant hybrid of Hollywood thriller and existential mystery. The hippest film of 1975 was inexplicably withheld from circulation until now by its owner and star Jack Nicholson.


Maurice Pialat

Maurice Pialat retrospective continues with violent, metaphysical, unconventional policier featuring Gérard Depardieu, named Best Actor at Venice in 1985 for his performance.

Raining Cats and Frogs

La Prophétie des grenouilles

Jacques-Rémy Girerd

Popular French animated feature with Noah’s Ark theme comes across like a much loved children’s book sprung to life. Primary audience is children 8-12. Subtitles.

Regular Lovers

Les amants réguliers

Philippe Garrel

In luminous black & white, Philippe Garrel’s affectionate, dreamlike elegy to youthful idealism laid waste in the aftermath of the 1968 Parisian student riots is an effective rebuttal to Bertolucci’s sex-besotted The Dreamers.

The Science of Sleep

La science des rêves

Michel Gondry

Michel Gondry’s follow up to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is super-kinetic lark starting Gael Garcia Bernal as a shy guy whose dream world overlaps with reality.

Tale of Cinema

Geuk jang jeon

Hong Sang-soo

Korean Hong Sang-soo (Turning Gate, The Virgin Stripped Bare…) continues his distinctly personal brand of filmmaking with this wry story about sex, lies and cinematic one-upmanship.

Tertium non datur

Lucian Pintilie

Romanian WWII tale from absurdist Lucian Pintilie (The Oak) told with bite and acidic flair as Romanians confront German officers in a commandeered schoolhouse toward the end of WWII.

To Our Loves

À Nos Amours

Maurice Pialat

Sandrine Bonnaire is transfixing in Maurice Pialat’s 1983 classic as 17-year-old Suzanne, who seeks refuge from a disintegrating family in a series of impulsive promiscuous affairs.

Under Satan's Sun

Sous le soleil de Satan

Maurice Pialat

Winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1987 (the first French film so honoured in 21 years), Maurice Pialat's Under Satan's Sun is a dark and demanding study of priesthood, faith and evil.

The Valet

La Doublure

Francis Veber

The living master of French farce, Francis Veber (The Dinner Game), pulls it off again in this tale of a ruthless tycoon (Daniel Auteuil) who pays a valet to cohabit with his mistress to confuse his wife.

Van Gogh

Maurice Pialat

Maurice Pialat’s 1991 portrait of Van Gogh’s last months eschews sensationalism for the director’s trademark realism. “Arguably the greatest biographical film about an artist ever made." — Sight & Sound

We Won't Grow Old Together

Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble

Maurice Pialat

Maurice Pialat's remarkable second feature is an uncompromising study of the break-up of a relationship, based on his own autobiographical novel. (1972)

The White Planet

La planète blanche

Thierry Ragobert, Thierry Piantanida

Spectacular documentary traces the creatures and seasons of the Arctic, reminding of nature’s magnificence and providing powerful anti global-warming message: Enjoy the show while it lasts.

The Wild Blue Yonder

Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog fashions a sci-fi fantasy of paradise lost around actor Brad Dourif, recutting amazing NASA footage and gorgeous submarine imagery. An unclassifiable oddity.