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Beijing Bubbles: Punk and Rock in China's Capital

George Lindt, Susanne Messmer

Filmmakers survey Beijings’s surprising underground punk rock scene in a celebration of gutter trash wannabes, throat-singing rockers and all-girl expletive-ridden riff magnets.


Huo Yuanjia

Ronny Yu

Far from limping to the finish line, Fearless is 42-year-old kung-fu icon Jet Li’s most ballsy and brutal martial arts flick since his peak Hong Kong period.


Niu pi

Liu Jiayan

Compelling minimalism sees first-time writer/director skewer floundering patriarchal authority (her dad!) in a 50-square-metre Beijing apartment.


The Diaries of Chinese International Students in New Zealand

Li Tao

Absorbing documentary about four Chinese students at New Zealand high school provides a rich and finely nuanced portrayal of cultural displacement.