Screened as part of NZIFF 2015

The End of the Tour 2015

Directed by James Ponsoldt Portrait of an Artist

“This charming and sensitive film about a five-day encounter between acclaimed late author David Foster Wallace and a Rolling Stone journalist is a transfixing human drama.” — Anthony Kaufman, Screendaily

Jul 27

SkyCity Theatre

Jul 30

Event Cinemas Queen Street

Aug 01

Event Cinemas Queen Street

USA In English
106 minutes CinemaScope / DCP



David Kanter
Matt DeRoss
James Dahl
Mark Manuel
Ted O’Neal


Donald Margulies. Based on the book Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself by David Lipsky


Jakob Ihre


Darrin Navarro

Production designer

Gerald Sullivan

Costume designer

Emma Potter


Danny Elfman


Jesse Eisenberg (David Lipsky)
Jason Segel (David Foster Wallace)
Anna Chlumsky (Sarah)
Mamie Gummer (Julie)
Mickey Sumner (Betsy)
Joan Cusack (Patty)
Ron Livingston (David Lipsky’s editor)
Becky Ann Baker (bookstore manager)


Sundance, San Francisco 2015

“This love song to the art of conversation is about a Rolling Stone journalist, David Lipsky (Jesse Eisenberg) who is infatuated with the novelist David Foster Wallace’s gargantuan novel Infinite Jest and begs for the opportunity to profile the author, who is about to leave his snowbound rural home in Illinois for a five-day book tour to Minneapolis.

Wallace, played as a shambling, reflective, moody, acutely self-aware and rigorously honest lost soul by Jason Segel, immediately impresses Lipsky with his utter lack of pretense, his fondness for his dogs and his appreciation (very much shared by Lipsky) for junk food and Pepsi. Lipsky serves as an acolyte, a sounding board and a friend, and yet Wallace, himself an experienced journalist, is suspicious of his interlocutor’s motives.” — Kyle Smith, NY Post

“Two writers bonding over work, their self-awareness and how their efforts are perceived can only sustain an audience of non-authors so far, but The End of the Tour understands the necessity to communicate universal truths. Based on Lipsky’s memoir, this adaptation by Donald Margulies (director James Pondsoldt’s college professor) is extremely alive, tapping into shared fears, worries and philosophies with an authentic and familiar immediacy that feels like it was transcribed as it happened in the moment…

The movie’s look at isolation, confidence and connection reverberates deeply… Intimate, soul-baring, and winning, The End of the Tour is a special, lovely little gem.” — Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist

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