Screened as part of NZIFF 2008

110 minutes Colour and B&W / DigiBeta

In 2007 the Cannes Film Festival commissioned 36 of their favourite auteurs (35 men and one woman, Jane Campion) to produce three-minute movies about movie-going. This compilation works surprisingly well as a feature-length movie in its own right. It's hard to imagine a cinephile who won't have a great time with these idiosyncratic cameos, loving some, being dismayed by others, and spotting the ways in which they coincide (count the blind characters, the bag snatchers and the Fellini references for starters) or differ. And then there's the question of which filmmakers relate to our own personal reasons for returning again and again to the cinema. — BG

"It may take more than 35 lawyers to figure out how to get this film distributed to cinemas around the globe, but the film truly deserves a wide audience... If ever a film demonstrates the love of movies across all cultures, this is the one." — Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter