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Staff Picks: Beck Eleven

As a Christchurch publicist for the NZIFF and the city’s resident Cat Lady, it’s no surprise that I’ve put Kedi on my list. But what did surprise me, was my interest in the diverse and gripping documentaries coming out of NZ and beyond. I’m not normally a doco fan but I burst into tears at the end of No Ordinary Sheila and found myself glued to Swagger of Thieves, 100 Men and Unrest. Anyway, isn’t it just bloody great to wrap up, slink in to the cinema and find yourself jettisoned into a whole other world? The creativity blows my little socks off.

Plus after getting a headful of films, I reckon I might be a bit more interesting at dinner parties…should anyone invite me.


Ceyda Torun

More than just another example of cute kittens on camera, this documentary about the cats of Istanbul and the people who watch out for them exudes charm and insight that a million YouTube videos cannot match.

No Ordinary Sheila

Hugh Macdonald

In Hugh Macdonald’s fascinating and inspiring doco, his cousin, writer and illustrator Sheila Natusch, retraces a long life dedicated to sharing her understanding and love of New Zealand’s nature and history.

The Square

Ruben Östlund

Winner of the Cannes Palme d’Or, Ruben Östlund’s The Square is an astounding work of social satire centred on a Swedish art museum and a PR stunt that goes horribly wrong. Starring Claes Bang, Elisabeth Moss, Terry Notary.