Screened as part of NZIFF 2016

Wide Open Sky 2015

Directed by Lisa Nicol Music & Dance

In this charming doco, gifted teacher and musician, Michelle Leonard, travels to under-resourced outback NSW auditioning children then schooling the chosen 130 to perform in the annual Moorambilla Voices choir.

82 minutes DCP



Lisa Nicol
Anna Craney


Carolyn Constantine


Anna Craney


Michelle Leonard
Alice Chance
Miss Nora


Sydney 2015


Audience Award (Documentary), Sydney Film Festival 2015

“Defined by images of children caught up in the joyous rigour of creative expression, Lisa Nicol’s Wide Open Sky follows conductor and choirmaster Michelle Leonard across outback New South Wales as she auditions thousands of primary school students to find the 130 annual participants for her Moorambilla Voices choir. 

A formidable motivator who inclusively pushes her charges for excellence, Leonard opens up the possibility of creative betterment and self-expression in children who often come from disadvantaged backgrounds. As the film unfolds the swell of their voices gradually builds as the story moves towards a headlining appearance at a music festival. Punctuated by moments of unadorned performance – a boy dances on a tin roof in one – the documentary focuses on individual personalities and not socioeconomic factors, but it makes it clear that there are numerous children whose creative instincts just need a little nurturing. Both Leonard and Wide Open Sky refuse to accept stereotypes, and the reward for that is illuminating and joyous.” — Craig Mathieson, The Age

“A dynamic and enormously appealing combination of passionate artist and pragmatic producer who has to scrap and scramble to secure financial support from government and private sources, Leonard explains why she’s been committed to this task for the past six years. Funding cutbacks have left many schools in isolated areas with little or no capacity to provide music lessons. Music, as Leonard sees it, is about much more than rhythms and melodies.” — Richard Kuipers, Variety

Screening With This Feature

Lions 2016

World Premiere
Choirs from around Auckland perform as part of Silo Theatre’s staging of David Greig’s acclaimed play, The Events. Screening with Wide Open Sky.