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Thursday 20 July 2017

New Zealand's Best Jury Announced
New Zealand's Best jury members Armagan Ballantyne, Toby Manhire and Andrew Cozens

We are pleased to confirm Armagan Ballantyne and Toby Manhire as jury members for our New Zealand’s Best Short Film Competition.

Armagan Ballantyne and Toby Manhire will join Andrew Cozens, representative for Madman Entertainment, to judge six short films selected by Gaylene Preston, at a public screening of New Zealand’s Best 2017 on Saturday 29 July in Auckland.

The jury will select the winner of the $5,000 Madman Entertainment Jury Prize, while a $3,000 Wallace Friends of the Civic Award will be awarded by donors the Wallace Foundation and Wallace Media Ltd, to the film or contributor to a film they deem to merit special recognition.

The winners will be announced during the closing weekend of the Auckland leg of NZIFF. The six finalists are Do No Harm (dir: Roseanne Liang), Laundry (dir: Becs Arahanga), Thicket (dir: Julian Vares), Untitled Groping Revenge Fairytale (dir: Catherine Bisley), Waiting (dir: Amberley Jo Aumua), and The Dregs (dir: Matt Campbell).

Guest selector Gaylene Preston selected the six finalists from a shortlist of 12. Festival programmers Bill Gosden and Michael McDonnell viewed 83 entries to prepare the shortlist.

New Zealand’s Best competition also includes an Audience award. Audiences in Auckland and Wellington will be

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Friday 14 July 2017

Extra Sessions in Auckland

We've added additional screenings of our most popular titles in Auckland. Tickets are available online or at the NZIFF box office.

Wind River

Thursday 3 August
11:45am at Event Cinemas Queen St

The Love Witch

Thursday 3 August
9.15pm at Hollywood Avondale

6 Days

Saturday 5 August
8:45pm at Rialto Cinemas Newmarket
Please note there is no Q+A for this added session.

Bad Genuis

Saturday 5 August
8.15pm at Event Cinemas Queen St

My Life As a Courgette (Subtitled)

Sunday 6 August
11:00am at Event Cinemas Queen St

China’s Van Goghs

Monday 7 August
4:30pm at Academy Cinema

Tuesday 8 August
6:15pm at Academy Cinema


Monday 7 August
08:45pm at Academy Cinema

Tuesday 8 August
4:15pm at Academy Cinema

Selling Fast and Sold Out in Auckland
Beatriz at Dinner

Selling Fast

Thursday 27 July

8.30pm Sami Blood (Rialto Newmarket)

Friday 28 July

6.15pm Final Portrait (Rialto Newmarket)

Saturday 29 July

6.00pm The Midwife (Rialto Newmarket)
6.00pm Stalker (Event Cinemas Queen St)
6.15pm New Zealand's Best 2017 (ASB Waterfront Theatre)
7.00pm The Beguiled (Hollywood Avondale)

Sunday 30 July

1.00pm Top of the Lake: China Girl (ASB Waterfront Theatre)

Monday 31 July

1.45pm Manifesto (Academy Cinema)

Tuesday 1 August

6.30pm BIG Time (Rialto Newmarket)

Wednesday 2 August

11.30am Kobi (Academy Cinema)
6.30pm House of Z (Rialto Newmarket)

Thursday 3 August

6.30pm The Party (Rialto Newmarket)

Friday 4 August

8.45pm Secret Screening (Event Cinemas Queen St)

Saturday 5 August

2.00pm Ethel & Ernest (Rialto Newmarket)
2.00pm The Party (Event Cinemas Westgate)
3.30pm Kedi (Event Cinemas Westgate)
6.15pm A Date for Mad Mary (ASB Waterfront Theatre)

Sunday 6 August

1.15pm Not Just Another Mountain (Academy Cinema)

Sold Out

Thursday 27 July

4.30pm Beatriz at Dinner (Rialto Newmarket)
6.15pm The Paris Opera (Rialto Newmarket)

Friday 28 July

6.15pm Beatriz at Dinner (ASB Waterfront Theatre)

Saturday 29 July

1.45pm Pop Aye (Rialto Newmarket)

Sunday 30 July

11.15am China's Van Goghs (Academy Cinema)
1.45pm House of Z (Rialto Newmarket)
3.30pm Menashe (Academy Cinema)

Monday 31 July


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Wednesday 28 June 2017

We Expand NZIFF Online with VOD
Love Story by Florian Habicht

We are expanding NZIFF online with the launch of an online screening platform supported by SHIFT72.

Films from the back catalogue of Florian Habicht, Summer Agnew, Adam Luxton, Jeremy Dumble, Simon Ogston, and Rebecca Tansley are now available to rent on NZIFF’s Video On Demand (VOD) platform The VOD initiative has been made possible with sponsorship from platform provider SHIFT72. SHIFT72 are leading providers in Secure Video On Demand Technology, powering large entertainment brands such as SXSW Film Festival, Austin (TX) and Cannes Film Festival, France.

“Seeing how limited the opportunities for post-NZIFF life can be for some of our favourite films, we are expanding our screening capabilities to include Video On Demand. A small initial selection of previous NZIFF titles is now available anywhere in NZ that internet allows. In the future we anticipate making much more use of this new platform, with simultaneous NZIFF premieres online and in the cinema. NZIFF On Demand will also provide the opportunity to extend the availability of many titles currently confined to big city screens,” says NZIFF Director Bill Gosden.

SHIFT72 is a New Zealand Video Technology company that provides Secure Video on Demand Platforms to the Entertainment Industry. SHIFT72’s Technology

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The NZIFF printed programme has always been our main method of sharing our full programme line-up.

In the past few years mailing costs have escalated and the postal service no longer offers the immediate delivery that NZIFF patrons once enjoyed.

This year we have significantly reduced the number of brochures delivered via NZ Post to city and suburban addresses. We’re still publishing 160,000 nationwide and we’re committed to ensuring broad distribution of our brochures. We think providing information through our website, as well as our broad distribution of the brochure to over 1,200 locations around Auckland, is now money better spent for a not-for-profit organisation such as ours.

From 9am Tuesday morning brochures will be available at our flagship venue The Civic, and from Tuesday afternoon brochures will be steadily delivered throughout Auckland.

We’re interested in your feedback around this change in policy, and should you wish to discuss further please email us at .