Films by Country


Animation for Kids 2012

Eight countries, one language: drawings and digital data that move. This collection of recent animated shorts from around the world is designed to amaze and delight audiences aged 7-11 and their more senior companions.

Back to Stay

Abrir puertes y ventanas

Milagros Mumenthaler

Milagros Mumenthaler’s slow-burning portrait follows three young sisters alone in a Buenos Aires house. Their dysfunctional relationship gradually unveils the circumstances of their peculiarly isolated, indolent lives.

Corpo Celeste

Alice Rohrwacher

A mordantly funny Italian woman’s coming-of-age movie also serves as a barbed account of the church’s devotion to worldly dominion. “Feels densely observed, transparently personal and autobiographical… An accomplished debut.” — The Guardian

Our Children

À perdre la raison

Joachim Lafosse

Joachim Lafosse’s psychological drama provides insight into and analysis of a real-life case of maternal infanticide. “A deeply moving performance by Emilie Dequenne, and a devastating look at a young woman come undone.” — Screendaily


L’enfant d’en haut

Ursula Meier

Terrific, intimate social-realist drama, Sister makes us anxious accessories of 12-year-old Simon, a quick-witted young thief working a Swiss ski resort. Superbly performed by newcomer Kacey Mottet Klein and French star Léa Seydoux.

Winter Nomads

Hiver nomade

Manuel von Stürler

Disarmingly charming doco about a traditional shepherd and his young woman apprentice as they herd 800 sheep, several dogs and donkeys and a criminally cute puppy across hundreds of miles of wintry Swiss countryside.