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Animation for Kids 2012

Eight countries, one language: drawings and digital data that move. This collection of recent animated shorts from around the world is designed to amaze and delight audiences aged 7-11 and their more senior companions.

A Bitter Taste of Freedom

Frihetens bittra smak

Marina Goldovskaya

A highly affecting documentary about Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya who was murdered in 2006 after her disturbing reports from Chechnya. “Apt to provoke moral outrage in anyone short of Vladimir Putin.” — Variety

The Hunt


Thomas Vinterberg

Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale, A Royal Affair) took the Best Actor Award at Cannes as an innocent man demonised by a child’s false accusation. “Entirely convincing… An unbearably tense drama-thriller.” — The Guardian

Searching for Sugar Man

Malik Bendjelloul

Amazing Sundance-winning doco about renewed appreciation for 70s Mexican-American singer-songwriter Rodriguez. “A hugely entertaining, emotionally touching, and musically revelatory experience.” — The Playlist