Films by Country


Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey

Lelia Doolan

The life and times of the fearless, fiercely articulate Irish Republican firebrand who became Britain’s youngest elected female MP at 21. “A stirring story told in an endlessly compelling voice.” — Irish Times

Dreams of a Life

Carol Morley

Haunting behind-the-headlines portrait of the life of vivacious London woman Joyce Vincent, whose disappearance went unnoticed for almost three years. “Riveting to watch and revealing to ponder long after it ends.” — The Observer

Shadow Dancer

James Marsh

Clive Owen and Andrea Riseborough play a high-odds game of spy and spymaster in this gritty, nerve-wracking Belfast thriller. “Director James Marsh (Man on Wire) is working with riveting assurance.” — Hollywood Reporter

This Must Be the Place

Paolo Sorrentino

“Quirky, hilarious and moving… a road trip of stunning scope yet deep intimacy, featuring an aged rock star-turned-Nazi-hunter played by Sean Penn at his transformative best.” — Variety. Also starring David Byrne.

Toons for Tots

A programme for the very youngest Festival-goer. We had children from three to six in mind when we selected these animated gems from around the world. Culminating in the rather scary but happily resolved The Gruffalo’s Child.