Festival Programme

Films by Strand


Witness the continued growth of indigenous film as native filmmakers from around the world push to decolonise the cinema. This collection presents a mix of powerful documentaries and feature films that reclaim whitewashed narratives of the past, examine indigenous experiences of the present and subvert genre conventions in imagining the future.

Firestarter - The Story of Bangarra

Wayne Blair, Nel Minchin

The unique power of Australia’s Bangarra Dance Theatre, an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performing arts organisation, fuels this artful documentary by Wayne Blair and Nel Minchin.

My Name Is Gulpilil

Molly Reynolds

The great Aboriginal actor David Gulpilil looks back on his amazing life and career in this personal film memoir, given added pathos as the ageing icon fearlessly faces his impending death.

Night Raiders

Danis Goulet

A nail-biting rescue thriller wrapped up in a chilling vision of near-dystopia, this Kiwi-Canadian co-production tackles Canada’s dark colonial roots through strong genre craft.