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Staff Picks: Charlotte Underhill

As someone who has helped enable many film festival attendees to max out two, three – and once even eight – Ten Trip passes, curating your must-see list for the NZIFF is never easy. Think of this as a jumping off point; as I need to schedule my time wisely, I have chosen films that for me go across the whole programme and will stick in my mind as NZIFF 2019! — Charlotte Underhill, Auckland Admin/Ticketing Manager


Brian Welsh

As EDM and ecstasy-fuelled raves are targeted by 90s lawmakers, two downtrodden Glasgow teenagers are determined to taste the action. Director Brian Welsh (The Entire History of You) makes it a night to remember.

Hail Satan?

Penny Lane

From America’s satanic panic to the battle of the Baphomet monument, Hail Satan? is an eye-opening comedic romp exploring the good – and sometimes not so good – work of The Satanic Temple.