Selling Fast and Sold Out in Christchurch

Wednesday 7 August 2019

Selling Fast and Sold Out in Christchurch
The Third Wife


Saturday 24 August

12.30pm Martha: A Picture Story (Lumiere Cinemas)

1.30pm Peterloo (Lumiere Cinemas)

Sunday 25 August

1.00pm Nga Whanaunga Maori Pasifika Shorts 2019 (Lumiere Cinemas)

4.00pm Animation NOW! 2019 (Lumiere Cinemas)

4.15pm Carmine Street Guitars (Lumiere Cinemas)

Monday 26 August

6.15pm Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love (Lumiere Cinemas)



Friday 23 August

1.00pm Escher Journey into Infinity (Lumiere Cinemas)

6.15pm Hail Satan? (Lumiere Cinemas)

6.30pm Animals (Lumiere Cinemas)

8.15pm Children of the Sea (Lumiere Cinemas)

8.45pm Vivarium (Lumiere Cinemas)

Saturday 24 August

2.15pm Children of the Sea (Lumiere Cinemas)

4.30pm For My Father’s Kingdom (Lumiere Cinemas)

4.45pm Escher: Journey into Infinity (Lumiere Cinemas)

8.30pm The Wild Goose Lake (Lumiere Cinemas)

Sunday 25 August

2.00pm The Biggest Little Farm (Lumiere Cinemas)

5.45pm Meeting Gorbachev (Lumiere Cinemas)

6.00pm Backtrack Boys (Lumiere Cinemas)

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