Screened as part of NZIFF 2015

Some Kind of Love 2014

Directed by Thomas Burstyn Portrait of an Artist

Acclaimed London artist and designer Yolanda Sonnabend is obliged to share the grand family home she’s made so flamboyantly her own with her scientist brother in this new doco from This Way of Life director Thomas Burstyn.

Aug 04

Penthouse Cinema

Penthouse Cinema

Canada In English
78 minutes DCP

Director, Photography


B. Sumner Burstyn
Trish Dolman


Thomas Burstyn
B. Sumner Burstyn


Peter Roeck


John Korsrud


Yolanda Sonnabend
Joseph Sonnabend


Vancouver 2014


Featuring a Q+A with producer B. Sumner Burstyn at all screenings.

Yolanda Sonnabend has been a well-known portrait painter and stellar designer for Britain’s Royal Ballet. Ballet aside, the work of art most enticingly displayed in this documentary is her home, the last un-renovated house in an ultra-expensive London suburb, which she has arrayed like an enchanted gallery with a lifetime’s collection of paintings and found objects. As she’s in the early stages of dementia, her long estranged older brother, Dr Joseph Sonnabend, a hero of AIDS research, has moved in to take care of her. The man of science could not be less enchanted by Yolanda or her chaos, and there’s more than a hint of Grey Gardens about their bravura carping and Yolanda’s grandeur under siege.