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NZIFF New Podcast Series
Top left to bottom right: Sophie Hyde, Thom Zimny, Liza Mandelup, Damon Gameau, Mirrah Foulkes, Maya Newell, Lorcan Finnegan.

Our podcasts feature vibrant conversations with directors, producers, writers and actors after their screenings at NZIFF. Episodes are listed below.
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Billy and The Kids (2019)

Recorded August 4 at Academy Cinemas following the Auckland premiere screening.

Audience Q&A with director Mark Albiston in conversation with Sally Woodfield and joined by Billy Graeme and some of the subjects of the documentary Latu, Ali & Nicole.


Ngā Whanaunga Māori Pasifika Shorts (2019)

Recorded July 21 at the ASB Waterfront Theatre.

Audience Q&A with the six filmmakers in conversation with curators Leo Kozio & Craig Fasi.


In My Blood It Runs (2019)

Recorded July 27 at Academy Cinemas following the New Zealand premiere screening.

Audience Q&A with director Maya Newell in conversation with Annie Goldson and Jack Gray.


Peter Peryer: The Art of Seeing (2019)

Recorded July 28 at ASB Waterfront Theatre following the world premiere screening.

Audience Q&A with director Shirley Horrocks in conversation with Jim Barr. 


2040 (2019)

Recorded July 27 at The Civic following the screening. 

Audience Q&A with director Damon Gameau in conversation with Roman Travers.


Mo Te Iwi

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The 2019 WFS Film Quiz Winners

A cluster of elite film trivia specialists came together at Blondini’s on Saturday 3rd August for this year’s hotly contested Wellington Film Society Quiz. The cinephiles battled through 90 minutes of movie questions and in the end ‘Too Late the Quiz Team’ took the gong.  Team members Catherine Jeffcoat, Colin Jeffcoat, Pearce Duncan, Rachael Manson, Chris Gilman and Matt Riordan share their most intimate movie secrets below. 

Congratulations all! How are we feeling? Reeling from the win?


What’s your team name and why?

‘Too Late the Quiz Team’. We think it’s from Too Late the Hero?

How do you all know each other, and what do you all do?

Friends, partners and a very appreciated latecomer (thanks Matthew!)

How many years have you been attending the quiz?

Some first timers, but half the team played last year.

Let’s be honest, who carried the team tonight?

Team effort all the way.

What was your best round?

The soundtracks and New Zealand.

What is your top must-see at NZIFF this year and why?

So far? In Fabric, Apollo 11 and Long Day’s Journey into Night.

Best film/s of all time?

Colin: Claire’s Knee

Cat: Grosse Pointe Blank

Matt: Close Encounters of

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The 2019 Auckland Film Quiz Winners
Photo by Veronica McLaughlin

Cinephile camaraderie was flung aside for the highly anticipated Flicks.co.nz and Letterboxd-hosted 2019 Auckland Film Quiz, at The Civic Wintergarden on Saturday 3rd of August. Intellectual swords clashed as teams tested their collective movie mettle fighting for the title until the bitter end. ‘Not available in your region’ took out the title and we sat down with team members Corey Chalmers, Ajay Murthy, Antony Wilson and Jess Reihana to pick their cinephiliac brains.

Congratulations all!! How are we feeling? Reeling from the win?

Thank you, feels good to win. The prize pack was great, but the bragging rights are better.

What’s your team name and why?

‘Not available in your region’. We are speaking for the masses. It is a silent subversive campaign against a much-hated error message that most New Zealanders can relate to.

How do you all know each other, and what do you all do?

We all work together at an advertising agency.

How many years have you been attending the quiz?

This was the team’s second outing.

Let’s be honest, who carried the team tonight?

Ant and Corey and Jess and Ajay.

What was your best round?

Horror. We maxed that round.

What is your top

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Meet our NZIFF Champions: Erin Harrington – Christchurch Super Fan

How long have you been attending NZIFF?

I started attending consistently when I was about 19 or 20, when it was held at the Rialto (RIP).

Favourite film you’ve ever seen at the Festival?

I have very fond memories of having my little mind blown by this surreal black and white American musical / space western, The American Astronaut, from the 2002 festival. I saw it with a bunch of uni friends and re-watch it every year or so. A++++ would trade again.

My favourite moment though was watching Sam Hamilton’s fun experimental film Apple Pie in the 2016 festival. It was just me and an elderly guy in the cinema at a 10am screening and at the very end he turned to me and said “that’s the queerest film I think I’ve ever seen”.

Film(s) you’re most excited to see from this year’s NZIFF?

I’m really looking forward to both the Hungarian animated film Ruben Brandt, Collector, and the Swedish sci-fi film Aniara. The first appeals to my love for bonkers animated weirdness, and I really like high concept sci fi + Swedish film + international takes on genre. I’m also excited about Jennifer Kent’s film The Nightingale even

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Meet our NZIFF Champions: Erin Rogatski - Auckland Intern

Your top must see at NZIFF this year and why?

This is a difficult question because we have so many incredible films playing this year, but I’d have to go with Ari Aster’s Midsommar. It’s a bit of a cliché choice, given the hype, but I loved Hereditary and horror films are always best watched on a big screen.


Name five of your favourite films and you’re only allowed one obvious one.

Suspiria, It Follows, Snowpiercer, 2046 and Kiki’s Delivery Service.


What’s the best bit about being an intern for NZIFF?

The best bit (apart from seeing a ridiculous number of amazing films!) is getting to work with and learn from such an incredible team of people. It’s cheesy, but everyone has a lot of knowledge and is always willing to share, so it’s a great environment to ask questions and experience a variety of aspects of the festival. Plus, there’s always something going on and something to do, which is exciting in and of itself.


What’s the most useful thing you’ve learned being an intern this year?

The most useful thing I’ve learnt as an intern has to be the sheer extent of what goes into creating and bringing

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