Screened as part of NZIFF 2015

Love 3D 2015

Directed by Gaspar Noé Incredibly Strange

“Gaspar Noé may be the only director in history who could make a two-and-a-quarter-hours-long pornographic film in 3D and then have it legitimately described as his least offensive picture to date.” — Robbie Collin, The Telegraph

Session dates and venues to be announced
Belgium / France In English
134 minutes 3D DCP / CinemaScope

Director, Screenplay


Gaspar Noé
Edouard Weil
Vincent Maraval
Brahim Chioua
Rodrigo Teixeira
Genevieve Lemal


Benoît Debie


Gaspar Noé
Denis Bedlow

Production designer

Samantha Benne


Karl Glusman (Murphy)
Aomi Muyock (Electra)
Klara Kristin (Omi)
Juan Saavedra (Julio)
Jean Couteau (Noe)
Vincent Maraval (Lieutenant Castel)


Cannes (Midnight Screenings) 2015


“The last time we were caught in provocateur Gaspar Noé’s crosshairs it was back in 2009 with Enter the Void, which ended on an orgasmic crescendo by literally [!] fucking the audience. He’s back with more of that kind of sex stuff with Love, a memory poem as sexual odyssey/obsession told via the nostalgia of its tortured protagonist. Sexually explicit, but not necessarily distasteful, Noé is simply showing the general mechanics of people having sex. The rest of the narrative, seeking to explore the undoing of a passionate, youthful relationship… explores the mundane inevitability of monogamy and how solving such an issue in a union based mostly on sexual attraction proves to be difficult… It’s unique to see Noé presenting these petty squabbles with such earnestness… It’s an artfully made examination of sexual and romantic experiences rarely committed so bluntly to film. And in 3D, no less… Love feels very much like a film from Noé, utilizing DoP Benoît Debie once again to create some gorgeously shot sexual sequences, even if the artistic choices may go unnoticed due to our unfamiliarity with certain images outside of pornography.” — Nicholas Bell, Ioncinema