Screened as part of NZIFF 2014

REALITi 2014

Directed by Jonathan King Aotearoa

An up-and-coming media executive has good reason to question the very facts of his existence in this micro-budget sci-fi chiller from director Jonathan King ( Black Sheep, Under the Mountain) and novelist Chad Taylor.

95 minutes DCP



Jonathan King
Chad Taylor


Chad Taylor


Freddy Lombard


Ida Sessions

Production designer

Stewart Pike


Victoria Kelly


Nathan Meister (Vic)
Michelle Langstone (Selma)
Graham McTavish (Mandrake)
Aroha White (Jessamine)
Miranda Manasiadis (Meg)
Nathaniel Lees (George)
Tim Wong (Lo)
Richard Whiteside (Hunter)
Erin Banks (Tori)
Paul Waggott (William)
William Brandt (Eddie)

World Premiere

A covert traffic in time-bending substances is the slippery connecting tissue in Jonathan King and Chad Taylor’s inventive sci-fi chiller. We travel the labyrinth of reality and its hallucinated alternatives with Vic (Nathan Meister). A young media executive, he’s summoned by Mandrake (Graham McTavish), his lawyer, to a city hotel where police interview a strung-out woman found carrying his wallet (Michelle Langstone). Unable to recall exactly why he remembers her, Vic is astounded when the same woman reappears with Mandrake, days later, in a completely unrelated role and fresh as a summer cocktail. Something else is freaking him: why does his television report a massive wave of public support for a far-off war when nothing has been reported to influence opinion for or against? His need to know draws him into the clutches of a violent cadre of anti-media activists – but are they what they say they are? Is anyone? The more anything appears to be so, the more Vic is gripped in a cold sweat of existential doubt. In King and Taylor’s sly homegrown dystopia this nightmare future of invaded minds is only a kiss away.