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Thursday 19 July 2018

Films to See With...

The 2018 NZIFF programme is now out in the world and with more than 150 films screening around the country there’s no doubt you’ll be feeling overwhelmed by choice. To make your selection just that little bit easier, we’ve narrowed down a bunch of our favourites for you to consider. Whether you need a charming watch for a first date, want to challenge your thinking, need a jolly good laugh, or just want someone else to choose a film for you, we’ve put together a collection that’s sure to tick any or all of those boxes:

Ease the awkwardness of a first date

Looking for the perfect film to accompany your first date, minus the mushy love scenes? These five films will give you plenty to talk about outside the cinema and have you feeling just the right amount of film-fuelled amour:

American Animals


Brimstone & Glory

Cold War

In the Aisles

Keep the Change


Take yourself on a date

A date for one is just as fun! A great film can be all the company you need. Here’s a handful guaranteed to draw you into their own special worlds:

3 Faces

The Ancient Woods


Djon África


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Friday 13 July 2018

NZIFF Extra Days in Wellington
Three Identical Strangers

We will go in to extra days in Wellington. Tickets are available online or at the NZIFF box office. For added sessions during scheduled Festival time, see Extra Sessions in Wellington.

Three Identical Strangers

Monday 13 August
6.15pm at Embassy Theatre

Tuesday 14 August
4.00pm at Embassy Theatre

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Extra Sessions in Wellington

We've added additional screenings of some popular titles in Wellington. Tickets are available online or at the NZIFF box office.

The Cleaners

Sunday 5 August
10.45am at Reading Cinemas Courtenay

The Guilty

Saturday 28 July
7.15pm at Reading Cinemas Courtenay


Saturday 4 August
7.00pm at Reading Cinemas Courtenay


Tuesday 7 August
9.00pm at Reading Cinemas Courtenay

The Wild Pear Tree

Saturday 11 August
5.00pm at Reading Cinemas Courtenay

Meet Stephen Gallagher: composer and music producer on She Shears
Stephen Gallagher

Wellington-based composer Stephen Gallagher took a moment to answer a few questions ahead of the world premiere of his latest film industry project, She Shears, on 1 August.

What was your official role on She Shears?

I composed and produced the original music for the film’s score. I also made the tea. Working on Jack’s film has been a joy. He and producers Georgina Conder, Ainsley Gardiner and editor Gretchen Peterson have been brilliant to collaborate with.

Tell us about a few of your biggest achievements.

 At 11 years old, I read The Hobbit for the first time. I would have never, in my wildest imagination, have guessed that some years later I would be writing and recording the music for the song ‘Blunt The Knives’  to be used in the movie adaptation and watched by millions of people worldwide. That entire experience was surreal.

Tell us a bit about the process of composing the music for She Shears and how the score evolved.

I started by recording a range of musical and non-musical sources and sending Jack material to review. The early stages of composing, when you and the director are working out the sound world of the score,

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Selling Fast and Sold Out in Wellington
The Guilty

Selling Fast 

Friday 27 July

6.15pm Beirut (Roxy Cinema)

6.15pm Woman at War (Penthouse Cinema)


Saturday 28 July

1.30pm RBG (Penthouse Cinema)

3.00pm The Wild Pear Tree (Reading Cinema 9)

9.15pm You Were Never Really Here (Reading Cinema 9)


Sunday 29 July

11.45am RBG (Reading Cinema 9)


Monday 30 July

8.15pm You Were Never Really Here (Light House Petone)


Wednesday 1 August

6.15pm Woman at War (Light House Petone)

9.00pm The Guilty (Reading Cinema 5)


Thursday 2 August

6.15pm Celia (Embassy Theatre)


Friday 3 August

3.00pm Lucky (Embassy Deluxe)

9.00pm You Were Never Really Here (Reading Cinema 9)


Saturday 4 August

11.00am RBG (Embassy Theatre)

3.15pm Ex Libris: The New York Public Library (Reading Cinema 9)

6.30pm Kusama - Infinity (Penthouse Cinema)

9.00pm The Guilty (Reading Cinema 5)


Monday 6 August

6.15pm Rafiki (Reading Cinema 5)


Tuesday 7 August

6.15pm McQueen (Roxy Cinema)


Wednesday 8 August

6.15pm She Shears (Reading Cinema 5)


Thursday 9 August

9.00pm Mega Time Squad (Reading Cinema 5)


Saturday 11 August

6.45pm A Mother Brings Her Son to Be Shot (Embassy Deluxe)

6.45pm Yellow is Forbidden (Penthouse Cinema)


Sunday 12 August

12.00pm Ex Libris: The New York Public Library (Reading Cinema 10)


Sold Out

Friday 27

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