Festival Programme

Films by Strand


A section of hand-picked classics and recently restored films. A valuable opportunity to watch landmarks from the history of cinema on the big screen, and unearth some unsung gems.

American Stories: Food, Family and Philosophy

Histoires d'Amérique: Food, Family and Philosophy

Chantal Akerman

A poetic assemblage of monologues and daft skits form an affectionate ode to Jewish-American identity in this charming quasi-documentary from one of the most important directors of our time.



Bigas Luna

Midnight screenings make a triumphant return, with a 35mm presentation of Bigas Luna’s cult horror-comedy classic, about an ophthalmologist serial killer with a penchant for collecting eyeballs. Brace yourself for a ride like no other.

Days of Heaven

Terrence Malick

Reclusive auteur Terrence Malick’s sophomore effort, beautifully restored in 4K, is a bewitching, visually ravishing pre-World War I fable of passion and betrayal on the sun-drenched Texas prairie.

Heavenly Creatures

Peter Jackson

Returning to the Festival is Peter Jackson’s sublime 1994 film about the notorious Parker-Hulme murder drew rapturous acclaim and brought the former splatter king a newfound mainstream respectability.

Paris, Texas

Wim Wenders

Starring the late great Harry Dean Stanton in his most iconic role, Wim Wenders’ newly restored modern classic delivers one of the definitive outsider views of America.

Peeping Tom

Michael Powell

Critically and commercially loathed and dismissed upon its release, championed and revived by Martin Scorsese, and now restored in a majestic 4K transfer, master filmmaker Michael Powell’s twisted, voyeuristic psychological thriller about a serial killer whose chosen weapon is a camera is even more alarming – and alarmingly prescient – than ever.