Festival Programme

Films by Strand

Square Eyes

Curated especially for the youngest cinephiles in the whānau, along with all young-at-heart audiences across the motu. Our animation collections (one curated for ages 4+ and the other for 8+) offer a selective slate of short films for our littlest film fans.

We also bring you three full-length features—the much-anticipated film adaptation of Judy Blume’s ground-breaking novel Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret, Pablo Berge’s debut animated feature direct from Cannes, Robot Dreams, and the enchanting Dounia & The Princess of Aleppo.

Curated by Nic Marshall of Square Eyes Film Foundation, ardent promoters of international cinema for our youngest audiences and their movie-going companions.

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

Kelly Fremon Craig

Judy Blume’s ground-breaking novel about puberty—and so much more—gets a heartfelt and poignant pitch-perfect adaptation that captures the essence of growing up, self-discovery, and the quest for identity.

Robot Dreams

Pablo Berger

A beautifully ambiguous story of friendship, love and loss. At times heart-warming, at others heart-wrenching, this wordless fable explores what happens when the closest of bonds are weathered away by time and circumstance.