Festival Programme

Films by Strand


Explore the truth behind the musical legends with these insightful documentaries about the humanity behind the hits. From pioneers in punk and electronica to those who pushed past the boundaries of genre and gender, these films provide a privileged peek into personal realms of musical creativity.

Karen Dalton: In My Own Time

Richard Peete, Robert Yapkowitz

When Nick Cave first heard Karen Dalton’s recording of “Something On Your Mind” he had to pull his car off the road and weep; not because it was sad — though it is — but because it was perfect.

Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliché

Paul Sng, Celeste Bell

Poly Styrene was one of the most ebullient and original figures to come out of punk rock’s first wave. A decade after her death, Poly’s daughter is ready to tell her mother’s story.

Sisters with Transistors

Lisa Rovner

This joy of a documentary, narrated by avant-garde artist Laurie Anderson, is a long overdue study of the remarkable women who pioneered the world of electronic music.