Filmmaker to Attend Local Screening

Filmmaker to Attend Local Screening

Alister Barry is a member of the filmmaking collective Vanguard Films and has worked on New Zealand films since the 1970s. His directorial work includes Someone Else’s Country, a feature on the new right revolution in New Zealand, and The Hollow Men, a feature documentary of the Nicky Hager book of the same name.

Barry will introduce his new feature documentary Hot Air, co-directed with Abi King-Jones, at Rialto Cinemas Tauranga on Wednesday 3 September. A question and answer session will follow at the conclusion of the film screening.

Screening details

Wednesday 3 September 8.30 pm, Rialto Cinemas Tauranga

Tickets are on sale directly from the cinema venue or online at

About Hot Air

Directed by Alister Barry and Abi King-Jones.

In the years since New Zealand politicians began to grapple with climate change our greenhouse gas emissions have burgeoned. Alister Barry’s doco draws on TV archives and interviews with key participants to find out why.

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