Films by Strand


These incisive documentaries amplify the voices of those on the front lines of the struggle for social justice around the globe. Be it women rising against nuclear armament, citizens confronting police violence, individuals fighting social stigma or artists finding creative means to fight the power, all of these films reinforce the power of the individual to stand up and push for change.


Camilla Nielsson

Moving with the breathless intensity of a political thriller, this disturbing document of potential voter fraud in the 2018 Zimbabwe election is elevated by astonishing access to key players behind-the-scenes.


Jennifer Peedom

Let this exultant ode to the life-sustaining waterways that criss-cross our planet wash over you, captured in jaw-dropping imagery by Mountain director Jennifer Peedom.

Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America

Emily Kunstler, Sarah Kunstler

Equipped with keen intelligence and a big heart, lawyer Jeffery Robinson educates and challenges in equal measure, giving voice to the silenced and seeking acceptance of racist realities in pursuit of lasting change.