The record-breaking La Flor

Thursday 23 May 2019

La Flor

A decade in the making and the longest film NZIFF has ever programmed, we’re thrilled to announce a special presentation of Mariano Llinás’ 14-hour epic La Flor. Screening in three parts and across six episodes, this landmark Argentinian film spans multiple genres, languages and destinations, and stars four outstanding actresses, playing myriad roles, who hold the screen from start to finish.

Among the many encounters in La Flor’s sprawling narrative, a cursed mummy attacks a team of scientists, an estranged musical couple reunite to record another hit ballad, a secret society schemes over the elixir of youth, and an outfit of secret agents awaits a showdown with rival assassins.

La Flor is ambitious and risky, and quite unlike anything we’ve ever screened in the film festival before,” said NZIFF Programme Manager Michael McDonnell.

Screening dates and details are still to be confirmed, so keep your eyes peeled.

See full details on our website: La Flor: Part I, La Flor: Part II, La Flor: Part III

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