Screened as part of NZIFF 2019

Come to Daddy 2019

Directed by Ant Timpson Big Nights

Elijah Wood, Stephen McHattie and Madeleine Sami lead Kiwi director (and NZIFF/Incredibly Strange programmer) Ant Timpson’s deranged comic thriller about a father-son reunion that goes very, very south.

95 minutes DCP




Mette-Marie Kongsved
Laura Tunstall
Daniel Bekerman
Katie Holly
Emma Slade
Toby Harvard


Toby Harvard


Daniel Katz


Dan Kircher

Production designer

Zosia Mackenzie

Costume designer

Angela Ganderton


Karl Steven


Elijah Wood (Norval Greenwood)
Stephen McHattie (Gordon)
Martin Donovan (Brian)
Michael Smiley (Jethro)
Madeleine Sami (Gladys)
Simon Chin (Dandy)
Garfield Wilson (Ronald Plum)
Ona Grauer (Precious)
Ryan Beil (Danny)
Oliver Wilson (young Norval)


Tribeca, Sydney, Melbourne 2019


For one hell of a night out, don’t miss the New Zealand premiere screenings of this blackly comic, gleefully unhinged thriller by one of our biggest film culture champions.

Elijah Wood stars as Norval, a thirtysomething wannabe-DJ who receives a letter from his estranged father, inviting him to reunite at his remote home on the Oregon coast. As soon as Norval arrives, however, things feel off; his dad (played with noxious relish by Stephen McHattie) seems surprised to see him, drinks constantly and frequently trades in menacing remarks. After some cringeworthy attempts at father-son bonding, Norval guns for a confrontation, and suddenly, things take an unexpected turn... And then from there, the turns just don’t stop coming.

Already recognised as producer, programmer and film festival founder, Kiwi genre-giant Ant Timpson can now add ‘feature director’ to his credentials with this genre-bending mystery train tailored to surprise even the savviest of seasoned movie-goers. A film that switches gears when you least expect it, the final 15 minutes alone credibly veer from guffaws to grimaces to genuine emotion without breaking a sweat. If you like your thrillers loose, violent and frequently hysterical, this is one evening you won’t want to miss. — JF

“[A] funny exploration of the fraught familial relationship, defying genre and expectation at every hairpin turn… Provocative and ballsy… those who stay on its wavelength are in for something insanely entertaining.” — Kimber Myers, The Playlist


Declaration of interest:

The staff and trustees of NZIFF congratulate Incredibly Strange programmer Ant Timpson on his directorial debut feature.