The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil 2019


Directed by Lee Won-tae World

Bruising Korean box office star Ma Dong-seok is in full beast mode in this seriously entertaining action thriller, which pits a burly mob boss and an unhinged detective against a maurading serial killer.

Jul 24

Event Cinemas Queen Street

Jul 26

Event Cinemas Queen Street

Jul 28

Hollywood Avondale

Aug 04

Event Cinemas Queen Street

South Korea In Korean with English subtitles
110 minutes DCP
violence, sexual references & offensive language



Park Se-seung


Heo Sun-mi
Han Young-kyu

Production designers

Cho Hwa-sung
Jeong Yi-jin

Costume designer

Nam Ji-soo


Jo Yeong-wook


Ma Dong-seok (Jang Dong-su)
Kim Moo-yul (Det. Jung Tae-seok)
Kim Sung-kyu (K)


Cannes (Out of Competition) 2019

Action, thrills and humour collide after intimidating crime boss Jang Dong-soo (Korean star Ma Dong-seok, fast becoming Asia’s answer to Dwayne Johnson) survives a random roadside attack by a serial killer. The incident

seen as a sign of weakness by his peers, Jang is eager to earn respect back with his fists – deployed to staggering effect from the get-go – and teams up with a hot-headed cop (Kim Moo-yul) who’s on the trail of a series of murders. The deal? Whoever catches the perp gets to dispense their own brand of justice.

“Ma is ultra-lovable as the gangster with a heart of… well, not gold, but perhaps a blood-tarnished bronze. The burly Korean-American star, so good in the crossover hit Train to Busan, is a rumpled force of nature as a mob boss who’s forced to become a caricature of himself in order to save face in front of his rivals; you almost expect that you’d find pinstripes tattooed along his skin if Jang ever took off his Guys and Dolls costume.” — David Ehrlich, Indiewire

“As much fun as it is to watch [Ma] beat people up and strut around in shiny pinstripe suits, it’s just as much of a pleasure to watch him think it all through.” — Jessica Kiang, Variety