Meet the NZIFF Interns: Zoe Pattinson Fan, Publicity Intern 2018

Wednesday 1 August 2018

Meet the NZIFF Interns: Zoe Pattinson Fan, Publicity Intern 2018
Zoe Pattinson Fan

How did you score your role at NZIFF?

I’ve always wondered what goes into the workings of organising a large-scale film event, so when I came across the call for applications on the NZIFF website I immediately sent in my CV and hoped for the best.

What does your role involve?

I assist the communications manager and team (both in Wellington and in Auckland) with all things related to getting the word out about films. I help to organise media releases, respond to inquiries, archive interviews, and coordinate publicity material for the films we’re screening during this year’s festival.

What are your must-see films during NZIFF 2018?

The Wild Pear Tree, Woman at War, Wildlife, First Reformed, Burning.

Aside from getting to see loads of films, tell us why you signed up for the gig?

Having recently graduated from university, I was eager to gain access to the film industry and NZIFF is the perfect beast to kickstart that experience for me.

What’s it like at NZIFF?

One thing I’ve definitely learnt is that women rule this office! Girl power all the way. It’s lovely being part of the team, everyone has a great comradery to just get the job done. I’ve met some fabulous people whose wisdom I will be sure to take with me as I carve out my own path.

What do you do as day job, outside of NZIFF?

I work part-time at Reading Cinemas Courtenay Central, so it’s been a real experience this year having the film festival at my home away from home.

What’s your earliest or best cinema experience?

I’m originally from England and moved to New Zealand when I was 11. I remember seeing Whale Rider in London with my family and thinking ‘wow this film has come a long way from its home’ (all the way from where Mum’s from), and yet here it is, with me watching it on the big-screen on the opposite side of the world!

Name a few of your favourite films…

Back to the Future, (500) Days of Summer, Little Miss Sunshine, Moonrise Kingdom, The Iron Giant

What has your experience at NZIFF taught you?

It has taught me about all the different components involved in pulling off a film festival – I never imagined half the jobs that go on behind the scenes!

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