Screened as part of NZIFF 2016

Neon Bull 2015

Boi neon

Directed by Gabriel Mascaro Fresh

The most erotically charged film of the year offers a wild, sensual look at life behind the scenes on a backcountry Brazilian rodeo circuit where the reality of human desire sidesteps gender stereotypes every time.

Brazil / The Netherlands / Uruguay In Portuguese with English subtitles
101 minutes CinemaScope / DCP




Rachel Ellis


Diego Garcia


Fernando Epstein
Eduardo Serrano

Production designer

Maíra Mesquita

Costume designer

Flora Rabello


Otávio Santos
Cláudio N
Carlos Montenegro


Juliano Cazarré (Iremar)
Aline Santana (Cacá)
Carlos Pessoa (Zé)
Maeve Jinkings (Galega)
Vinicius de Oliveira (Junior)
Josinaldo Alves (Mário)
Samya de Lavor (Geise)


London 2015; New Directors/New Films
San Francisco 2016


Horizons Special Jury Prize
Venice Film Festival 2015

The sinuous physicality of the central characters in this Brazilian slice of life is rendered all the more tantalising by the unpredictability of their desires. The erotic tension in Neon Bull is remarkable, and, as you may have already heard, finds release in a prolonged and tender sex scene, at once monumentally strange and sublimely simple. Centred on a cowboy working the pens on a backcountry rodeo circuit, the film draws us into a tough, macho world in which gender roles are much less prescribed than you might assume. Broad-chested, handsome Iremar (Juliano Cazarré), his peroxide blonde boss, Galega, and the streetwise young daughter, Cacá, whom she treats like a sister, constitute a tetchily functional makeshift family. The intriguing Iremar holds himself apart from the earthier pursuits on offer – a botched raid on a prize stallion’s precious bodily fluids notwithstanding. His aspirations lie away from the pens: Galega, we discover, moonlights as an exotic dancer and it is Iremar who designs and sews her costumes. If you think you see where this is heading, you are bound to be wrong, but don’t be surprised if you feel elated beyond reason when Iremar scores his fleeting taste of heaven.