Screened as part of NZIFF 2015

Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War of the Underworld 2015

Gokudo daisenso

Directed by Miike Takashi Incredibly Strange

Miike returns to the demented brilliance of his V-cinema roots with a martial arts extravaganza which sees a clan of vampire yakuzas take on an international criminal syndicate led by a kick-ass giant frog mascot.

Jul 24

Embassy Theatre

Jul 25

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Jul 27

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Jul 31

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Japan In English and Japanese with English subtitles
115 minutes CinemaScope / DCP



Chiba Yoshinori
Masuda Shinichiro
Nishimura Shinjiro
Saka Misako


Yamaguchi Yoshitaka


Kanda Hajime


Yamashita Kenji

Production designer

Sakamoto Akira


Endo Koji


Ichihara Hayato
Lily Franky
Ruhian Yayan
Narumi Riko
Takashima Reiko
Pierre Taki
Aoyagi Sho
Shibukawa Kiyohiko
Yuki Mio


Cannes (Directors’ Fortnight) 2015


Separating the Miike cultists from the critics at its Cannes midnight screenings, the latest from the prolific Japanese genre extremist is one of his most wild and crazy.

“Cue screaming guitar riff and a dozen or so guys in bad suits getting sliced open with a sword. Yakuza Apocalypse is an exercise in inspired lunacy, built around one of Miike Takashi’s signature genre switcheroos: it kicks off as a conventional gangster picture, right down to the Goodfellas narration, before revealing that one of the characters is a yakuza vampire – not a vampire who happens to be a Japanese gangster, but a vampire whose blood-drained victims rise as low-level yakuza, gambling, shaking down locals for protection money, and spontaneously growing punch perms and tattoos. It gets much stranger from there… Miike remains the foremost composer of the off-beat midnight movie. He builds out-there elements one on top of the other, to the point that the movie seems on the verge of toppling once the climax – volcanoes, kaiju, a tricked-out big rig, a mysterious killer in a frog mascot costume – hits fever-pitch.” — Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, AV Club